Jón Ingi Bergsteinsson

Jón Ingi Bergsteinsson, M.Sc. BIOMED ENG, is the co-founder and CTO of SMART-TRIAL and MEDEI ApS. He graduated from the Biomedical Engineering department at Aalborg University in Denmark, where he specialised in medical software development and informatics.

Jon has extensive experience with clinical data acquisition, medical device software development, quality assurance, and project management - whereas he has been involved as an engineer, consultant, and QA for both public and private sector organisations.

Jon has been a speaker at domestic biomedical engineering conferences, conferences at Danish Universities, and actively involved in both the Danish and Icelandic start-up communities - providing guidance and support to start-ups and other actors involving medical software development, clinical data acquisition, and data privacy laws and regulations. In addition, Jon held a seat in the Biomedical Community ERFA board for three years, from 2014 to 2017.